Summer Camps: July 23rd-25th


Animal Adventure Camp: 9 am-12 pm, $100

Lions, and Tigers, and Dancing - oh my!! Does your child love animals of all kinds? Then join us for a week of amazing animal fun! We will create fun stories centered around their very own loved stuffed animals, go on adventure walks, learn lots of fun animal facts through crafts, games, stories, dancing and more!  Plus, each student gets to take home a stuffed animal of their very own!! No animal lover will want to miss it! (Ages 3-11)

Trolls Dance Camp, 9 am-12 pm, $100

Does your child love to party, dance, and make crafts with lots of glitter? Join us for a week long TROLLS celebration that includes Troll-themed crafts, dancing, snacks, games & dress-up! Everyone will be "shaking their hair" before the week is over! (Ages 3-11)  

Superstar Camp, 9 am-12 pm, $100

If your child dreams of the spotlight, then Superstar Camp is the perfect place for them to shine! Participants will spend the day learning about all aspects of the stage with various dance, music and theater instruction, including improv, costumes, special effects make-up and more! Classes lead up to our final theater performance on Thursday! **Production will depend on number of kids enrolled.  (Ages 6-18)

*Campers will be divided by age, if necessary

Summer Camps: August 5th-9th


Pirates & Princesses: 9 am-12 pm, $165

Worlds collide in this fun adventure for both Pirates and Princesses! Polish up on your royal etiquette, learn how to swash buckle your way to the buried treasure, or make are hide your own special treasure! Little ones will learn special royal dances, (safe) sword play, tea time, fun crafts and lots more! At the end of the week, princesses and pirates alike will have special treasure keepsakes to take home! (Ages 3-11)

Superhero Camp: 12-3 pm, $165

Whether your child loves Marvel or DC, Superman or Wonder Woman, Superheroes or Super villians, this is a SUPER camp for Boys & Girls! Create your own Superhero costume to take home, based on your favorite character OR create your own original hero! A week filled with crafts, games, snacks, and outdoor play your little superhero won't want to miss! (Ages 3-11)

Musical Theater Magic (The Greatest Showman): 9 am-3 pm, $295

Music, Dancing, and Acting - Oh My!! Participants will spend the day learning about all aspects of musical theater instruction, including props, make-up, dancing, singing, acting and improv, and more! Classes lead up to our final theater performance on Friday! **Production will depend on number of kids enrolled. (Ages 6-18)

Summer Choreography Intensive

July 8th-12th, 12-3 pm, $165

In this week long intensive, students will learn the elements of dance choreography and composition. They will explore the dynamics of dance, (fast vs. slow, high vs low, sharp vs. soft) and work with the guidance of an instructor in developing their own solo choreography. The week ends with a showcase in which each student performs their original choreography.  For the intermediate or advanced dancer looking to explore their own unique movement quality and engage in a collaborative, creative experience. (Ages 11+)